The BEST way to play White Elephant

We've all been to that holiday party where 5 different people are all chiming in on their favorite rules to play White Elephant...

And it's so annoying.

So someone finally did a poll to find what the majority of people prefer! Hallelooo.

(Though you should still go in thinking you're not going to get exactly what was on your Christmas list, duh)

Here ya go, enforce these rules at your party for a drama free time!

1. The ideal number of people is 11. More than that, and it takes too long.

2. The most popular week to do it is the third week of December. (So, next week)

3. There should be a spending limit. The amount that got the most votes was $25.

4. There should be a max of three steals per gift. So if you're the third person to steal something, it's yours. Not everyone agrees though. 19% said it's the one rule they'd like to ELIMINATE from the game.

5. Don't use the "timeout" rule. That's where you open all the gifts first, then do a separate round of stealing at the end. It was voted as the worst rule to use. 

(More here.)