Drinking Around the World - Epcot

How to drink around the world like a prooo

I did the Disney College Program right after I turned 21, and I got assigned at Epcot. So needless to say, ya girl can drink at Disney. Here's how I go about it, without almost dying, ALMOST. 



Start off strong! In my homeland, Mexico. 

Make sure you go INSIDE the pavillion! This is people's biggest mistake, La Cava del Tequila is the best. Highly recommend the avocado margarita or the Horchata one. My mouth's literally watering. 

Norway, sorry Frozen you're not too exciting. Cider or beer is the way to go. But for the love of God, do not be that guy who gets a Bud Light. 


China's weird. There's only 2 beers, I went with the light one. Honestly, at this point things were starting to taste the same...

Outpost (South Africa)

South Africa really was so surprisingly amazing! This Frozen Coca-Cola and Amarula Cream Liqueur, was like my childhood dreams of everything alcohol would be. Like a Coke Icee with alcohol YAAASSS


Don't judge me and my friend for getting the same thing...I know I hate us too. 

But you can't NOT get the Grapefruit beer in Germany!! Especially when sweating buckets. 


You're in Italy. Get you some basic B white wine. Then fall on the floor. But get yourself back up, we're not even halfway through!


This gave the icee in S Africa some major competition. America coming in HOT. The Buffalo Trace Frozen Coke which is a frozen Coca-Cola Slushy with a float of Buffalo Trace Bourbon. AND a mint leaf?! Stop it and give me more. 

Also, here is the only place it's acceptable, encouraged to get a Bud Light. 


It's all downhill from here friends. Japan = sake bombs.

You have to make them yourself, which is messy, hella expensive and extra alcoholic. Because it's a full serving of sake and a full Japanese beer. 

Needless to say, here's where I get a tad slopville. 


You know things got bad from the aftermath of Japan, because I think we skipped Morocco. I say "think" because I don't have photographic evidence we were ever there. Which is concerning. 


And we're back! But just with a light beer...because Japan. 

United Kingdom

I love the UK pavilion because of the Rose and Crown pub. It's always crowded, and most people start off in Mexico like we did, so everyone's pretty toasted in there. It's rowdy but so fun. I always get the Strongbow cider, real original right? 


How am I still standing by this point? Well for one, I'm being held up by this guy. Second, you can tell it's been a day by how rough I look and the fact that I put that lovely gem of a photo on my Instagram story. Not one of my finer moments. 

Also, the beer in Canada is my favorite. (Or is it the fact that it's the last stop so it just tastes extra yum?)

Tyler Z

Tyler Z

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