It's Prime Day!

It's Amazon Prime Day!

And it's definitely not as big of a deal as it used to be...but personally, I think the deals have gone a little south! I mean, yes of course, every cat owner needs a cat scratcher in the shape of turntable, and if you don't buy this at the low price of $26.95 (with free shipping duh) you're a terrible pet owner. 

But I don't even have a cat!!!

So what's out there for the rest of us? Keyboard shaped waffle maker anyone? 

Yeah, kinda into that one. Mostly because I can have "one" and it's really like the size of 3 waffles and I'll feel better about it.  


Okay, but let's get serious here. 

First of all there's some cool freebies if you purchase some Amazon goodies or shop at Whole Foods. 

If you spend $10 at Whole Foods you can receive a $10 credit to use on Amazon for Prime Day. So go buy a $10 smoothie at Whole Foods and get $10 back, it'll make you feel better about spending $10 on a smoothie at Whole Foods. 

Pro tip: Turn on the "personalized notifications" in your Amazon app on your phone and it'll notify you about all the special giveaways they have going on. 

Here's a couple of my favorite good deals I found:

So surprising most of the deals are on Amazon products...
  • Amazfit Bip ($70): $70 for a smartwatch! Sign me up. (But don't take away my Apple Watch thanks.) The Amazfit offers a smartwatch that delivers GPS, health tracking and always-on timekeeping, with a battery life that goes days (if not weeks) between recharges.

  • Fire TV Cube ($89.99, $30 off): I'm a big fan of my Fire Sticks (which are also on sale!). But this is pretty NEAT-O! The Fire TV Cube combines the 4K HDR Fire TV with an Echo speaker for hands-free Alexa voice control and streaming, including control of your TV, and sound bar.
  • Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ($108.96)Sous Vide is all the latest rage, if you can cook, which I don't. But my friends who do are really into it! So if you're doing it why aren't you using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth!? This temperature cooker can be controlled remotely with your smart devices. 

Full list of weird Amazon Prime items here.

More great Amazon Prime deals here.  

Tyler Z

Tyler Z

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