Bad Bunny's Ex Has Filed A Lawsuit Against The Singer For $40M

Oh no, looks like Bad Bunny's ex-girlfriend is suing the Latin superstar for $40 million due to a "well-known voice recording she provided the singer before he became famous."

According to Yahoo!news, Carliz De La Cruz recorded a breathy "Bad Bunny, baby," which was actually included in 2 of Bad Bunny's songs. In the lawsuit filed in a Puerto Rico court, De La Cruz claims that her voice and phrase she came up with is being used without her permission. The songs her voice was used in particularly were "Pa Ti" and "Dos Mil 16" which has millions of views and reproductions on YouTube and Spotify. In the lawsuit, De La Cruz says that she has a "distinguishable voice" that has been used for songs, records, promotions, worldwide concerts, TV, radio, and social and musical platforms without her permission.

A quick recap of Bad Bunny and De La Cruz's relationship is that they became a couple back in 2011 and both studied at the University of Puerto Rico. Bad Bunny would ask De La Cruz for opinions on songs he created and she even helped schedule his parties and handled the invoices and contracts. Fast forward to 2015, Bad Bunny asked De La Cruz to record her saying "Bad Bunny, baby" in which she did so in a bathroom. The two ended up officially breaking up in 2017 and in May 2022, one of Bad Bunny's representatives contacted De La Cruz to ask her if they could buy the recording of her voice. De La Cruz said no and there was no official deal made, hence why she is suing Bad Bunny. For more information, click here.

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