TikTok Mom Receives Backlash For Not Wanting To Play Barbies With Daughter

A mom on TikTok is getting a lot of backlash after she made a video saying she hated playing barbies with her daughter. Towards the end of the video, she said her daughter woke up the next day really happy asking her to play again and made her think she could 'definitely do it again'.

In the comment section, various TikTokers were upset that she didn't want to play with her own daughter for 10 minutes. One comment even said,

I am not a parent, so I apologize for my ignorance, but why would you have a child if you didn't want to be there for them? To play with them

Other comments included,

Imagine having a child and having to spend time with them.
You're seriously complaining about playing Barbies for 10 minutes?

See the video below and let us know what you think. Was it ok for this mom to 'complain'?