Dua Lipa Returns With A Disco Banger For The 'Barbie' Soundtrack

Photo: Getty Images

Dua Lipa is back with another disco banger! On Thursday, May 25th, the pop star dropped her new single "Dance the Night" along with its glittery music video. The song, which will be featured on the forthcoming Barbie soundtrack, marks Dua's first new music as a solo artist since 2020. According to her Instagram post after the song dropped, she wrote it with Mark Ronson, Andrew Wyatt, and Caroline Ailin.

"Watch me dance, dance the night away/ My hеart could be burning but you won't see it on my face/ Watch me dancе, dance the night away/ I still keep the party running, not one hair out of place," she sings on the track, which wouldn't sound out of place on her last album Future Nostalgia.

Based on what we've seen from the Barbie movie, which hits theaters on July 21st, "Dance the Night" perfectly matches its tone. “Greta said that the whole film was inspired by disco,” Dua said in an interview with DAZED earlier this week. “There’s a lot of very glittery and pop moments in it.” Not only is Dua one of the main features on the album's all-star soundtrack, but she'll also be making an appearance in the film as a mermaid with bright blue hair.

Elsewhere in that same interview, Dua reassured fans that the film will challenge the audience's idea of what Barbie represents. “Barbie, the doll, has this idea of what perfection should be. “The film – and there’s a lot of diversity in the cast – is touching exactly on the buttons that maybe it presses, and shows a different story.”

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