Texas Fan's Insane Method For Cheaper Beyoncé Tickets Goes Viral

Photo: Getty Images

How much would you pay for tickets to see Beyoncé? One Texas fan found a rather unconventional way to see one of her favorite artists, but you'll need a passport to try out her method.

Mercedes Arielle, a content creator from Dallas, is among a slew of fans traveling abroad to see the "Renaissance Tour," she tells NBC News. She tried it for Beyoncé and Jay-Z's "On The Run II Tour" in Paris and was able to snag floor seats for just $92 each. Tickets for the same concert in Dallas were going for nearly $1,000 at the time.

Arielle tried her luck again for the "Renaissance Tour" and secured a flight to Stockholm, Sweden, a hotel and her VIP concert ticket — and it was all cheaper than how much her friends paid for the AT&T Stadium show scheduled for September 21. She revealed her concert ticket was $366 and her stay was "essentially free" thanks to points and miles. And the best part? She gets to see Bey several months earlier than her friends, too, since the show is in May!

"Beyoncé is gonna sweat on me. That’s how close I am," Arielle told the news outlet.

The content creator is a huge advocate for sharing affordable yet luxurious traveling tips — and seeing concerts abroad is just the tip of the iceberg. "It's really important to me to make people aware that living within your means does not mean that your lifestyle cannot be fabulous or that it can't have these glowing moments that will be forever memories. To me, the savings are priceless," she said.

Arielle isn't the only one who tried this "hack" out. Instead of paying more than $800 for Beyoncé tickets in Louisville, Kylyn Schnelle found a better deal on floor seats in London. The total cost of her trip, including tickets, came out to nearly the same price as the U.S. concert tickets. "If you’re going to spend $800, why would you not milk it as much as possible?" she said.

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