Singer Kelsy Karter got a Harry Styles Tattoo ON HER FACE

We all have our celebrity obsessions, but damn, this is a whole new level.

Up and coming singer, Kelsy Karter lovesss her some Harry Styles. So as a gift to him for his birthday coming up in early February, she decided to give his the best gift ever! A tattoo of his face on her face! SO GREAT RIGHT?! 

Honestly, solid move if she's trying to get her name out there. Just like how Lady Gaga used to dress crazy and out there, which got people's attention, which led to them listening to her music. This photo from her Instagram has over 33,000 likes, far more then the rest of her photos. Plus, here I am talking about her and looking up all her social media accounts and videos. 

Kelsy just took a more permanent approach than Lady Gaga's, and who knows maybe this time next year we'll all be boppin to a JAM from her and Harry. 

Here's one of Kelsy's songs, kinda catchy right? 

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