During the Storm

Once you get all your supplies and are ready for impact, make a plan for what you're doing DURING THE STORM

During the storm you want to make sure you know what's coming and don't take any chances. 

  • Get away from trees 
    • We're lucky to have such beautiful trees all over our city, until a hurricane strikes. One of the most common causes of death during hurricanes is because of trees falling. 
    • Hurricane's are natures weed whackers, make sure you're sleeping in a room that is no where near where a tree could fall. 
    • Make sure cars aren't parked near trees. 
    • Clear all valuables from near windows next to trees. 
  • Stay away from windows and glass paneled doors.
    • This should be a no brainer, but even if there's not trees near the windows, the pressure from the storm could cause the glass to shatter.
  • Don't go outside.
    • It's tempting to go outside when that calm before the storm falls over us. 
    • No matter what, don't be fooled by this! That eerie silence or the rain stopping is a sign that the eye of the storm is close. 
  • Don't take any chances. 
    • Don't run and go get another case of beer.
    • Don't try to get a great video for Facebook of the storm rolling in.
    • Don't stay in a glass house!

Some of these might sound like silly pieces of advise, but they're being said for a reason, someone's done them and thought they would be safe. Even in the smallest of storms you could be in danger if you're not careful. Don't take any tropical storm or hurricane lightly. 

Be smart and be prepared. 

Tyler Z

Tyler Z

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