Cheap Things People Do to Save Money

Everyone likes to save a couple bucks here or there, but some things seem like they're more work than they're worth!

In this Vice article, people share the bizarre things they do to save a few bucks. 

How far would you go to save a buck or 2? 

I picked out my faves: 

7. “Save old water from washing fruits/rice and use to water plants,” —Nicole, writer

8. “My wife cuts my hair; sometimes I have the kids use my bathwater; I’ll drive up to 4 hours to a different airport for a cheaper ticket; I rarely eat out and when I do it's carryout, no matter the restaurant, to avoid the 20 percent tip” —@dewangibson

10. “My mother-in-law refuses to buy a coffee maker so she makes coffee by using a coffee strainer and a paper towel. She’ll wrap the paper towel around the coffee strainer, put ground coffee inside, place a cup under the strainer and then pour boiled water into the strainer so the coffee falls into the cup.” —Sabrina, stay-at-home mom

15. “I’ll rinse out ziplock bags so I can reuse them. I only throw them out when they’re absolutely unsalvageable.” —Diana, accountant

16. “My friend Jay and I in our club-going days used to hide our coats in an alley near this club, rather than pay the $1 coat-check fee.” —Alec, writer

24. “This is something I hated as a kid but find myself doing now. My mother would always reuse sandwich bags and tin foil. The tin foil I especially hated because she would admonish us for throwing it out instead of bringing it back in our lunch boxes … Anyway, I do the same now. For environmental reasons.” —Desa, journalist


43. “Having my neighbor trim my neck/back hair.” —@p1koh

Read the full list here.

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