Pigs Chased by Pigs!

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For the record, never have I ever actually called cops pigs. BUT HOW CUTE IS THIS! 

Also, I've heard tiny pigs are actually not nice, but in my mind they're sweet and cuddly and all of them are named Wilber. 

Pride, Integrity, and Guts (P.I.G.)

On August 26, 2018 around 4:30 PM, Cape Coral Police responded to the 200-block of SW 12th ST in reference to an animal complaint. Upon arrival, Officer Ray Schilke III was being chased by a little pig which was later "identified" as Willie. But the story ended on a positive because he found Willie's home. Willie refused to squeal on any co-conspirators. No charges were filed against Willie.

Posted by Cape Coral Police Department on Tuesday, August 28, 2018
Tyler Z

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