15 year old lost Corgi

Poor Pepper

Pepper is this 15 year old corgi who got lost during some bad thunderstorms in West Virginia. But this little guy is quite lucky, he got scooped up by the Twitter famous @dog_rates family. 

If you've ever lost a pet, you know how heartbreaking it is. Just this past December we lost my bud, Audi, who lived with my mom back home, and despite my mom's efforts, was never found. I'm that dog person who shows everyone pictures of their dogs, so look at how precious he is. 

But back to Pepper, the Nelson family, who found him, tried almost everything to get him home. Took him to the vet, but no microchip, put out flyers, but no calls. It was almost an act of fate that moved mama Nelson to randomly ask an elderly couple walking by if the cutie was theirs. It wouldn't be a Monday feel good story if it wasn't! 


Tyler Z

Tyler Z

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