Bachelor love exists!

The best Bachelor love story yet!

If you've been a bachelor fan at all over the past 3 years, you probably know who Ashley I and Jared are. 

Long story short, Ashley was known for being a crazy pants who would obsess over a guy who had such little interest in her, it physically hurt to watch, Jared. Just as she started to mellow out and they seemed to have a solid "friendship," she joined Bachelor Winter Games and met Kevin. They were cute, but it was kinda weird to see Ashley be into anyone other than Jared. I still had hopes that Jared would come to his senses, but I was also just happy to see Ashley happy in a relationship. (As any normal person who is normally invested in strangers lives and happiness, all of this is completely normal.) 

Fast forward to this past Tuesday, when she posted on Instagram this photo, and the world, including myself, exploded. 


This is a BIG deal. And if you're not even a fan of the show or have any idea who these people are, but love love, watch this. Ashley has a miniseries on Youtube where she interviews couples to tell their love story, but now they're telling theirs and honestly IT'S THE BEST. 

I'm not crying, you're crying. 

Tyler Z

Tyler Z

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