Deep Cleaning Your Mattress

Deep-Clean Your Mattress in 5 Steps

I'm such a crazy pants when it comes to my bed or even my house. No shoes on the carpet, no sitting on the bed or couches if you're dirty. And don't even THINK about touching the sheets if you haven't showered. Needless to say, it's caused some problems in my personal life...But everyone loves a little OCD right? RIGHT?!! 

Anyways, I found this pretty simple way to "deep-clean your mattress" that I definitely want to try on one of those Sundays that I get way too into cleaning.

Here's what you do in 5 simple steps: 

1. Get you some bougie essential oils, and baking soda.

2. Add 10 -20 drops of oil in the box of baking soda and shake it all up! 

3. Sprinkle the ENTIRE box of baking soda/oil mixture all over your bed and rub that sucker in. 

4. Let it sit for an hour.

5. Vacuum your mattress.

I really wish I would've seen this last night before washing my sheets and re making my bed! 

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Tyler Z

Tyler Z

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