Android? Swipe left.

So you're swiping left and right...then you get a match! Yaaaassss. 

Things are going well, you exchange numbers...then you get the "hey, it's _____" text...and their text bubble is GREEN! Which can only mean one thing, they have an Android. 


Okay so that may be a little shallow but it's a real thing! And surprisingly my best friend and I aren't the only ones who judge our potential suitors by it. 

New studies show that iPhone users are 21 times as likely to judge you poorly if you use an Android, but don't worry, Android users judge iPhone users too! 

Unfortunately, according to Matches Singles in America survey, I'm going to die alone because my phone screen is forever cracked. That or my parents will just continue to think I'm a mess because of it. (Gen Xers and Baby Boomers take this way more seriously.) 

Read the full article here.

Tyler Z

Tyler Z

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