Post Malone Could Be Cursed From Touching The 'Most Haunted Object'

From a emergency plane landing after the private jet's wheels were damaged to a high-speed car crash, Post Malone has been a part of quite a few mishaps recently. It's almost as if something cursed him. Well, now new video has come out of the rapper visiting Zak Bagans Haunted Museum in Las Vegas and it's suspected that maybe all this bad luck is coming from being "cursed" by the "most haunted object in the world". 

The Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans recently acquired the 'dybbuk box' which inspired the movie The Possession and is told to be very haunted, one of the most haunted objects in the world! 

The video (watch below) shows Zak Bagans touching the box while Post Malone touches his shoulder, it then is shown that the two are running out of the room. Apparently the footage was filmed in June, before the run of bad luck began for the 'Better Now' rapper. 

Dybbuk apparently stands for “malicious spirit” and the box’s curse is explained on the website. 

Whether or not this is the real reason why he's being cursed or not, it's still pretty freaky that he even got that close to the box! 

I'm also reaching out to Zak now to see if he will come and talk to me about it! Stay Tuned! 


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