'Supermarket Sweep' Could Be Coming Back To TV

posted by JoJo Wright - 

If you lived in the 90's, most likely you remember watching this show at least once but realistically you probably watched it religiously like I did. 

Supermarket Sweep was first shown in the US in 1965 and presented in the UK from 1993. Well now, Fremantle Media has announced it acquired rights to the show and may be bringing it back! 

Right now, there's no official announcement of the show coming back or even an idea when but fans everywhere are going CRAZY. The show started slow back in the day, Dale Winton explained to LADbible, sometimes having buses of elderly people come to be audience members for full days while filming the new show. 

Either way, I'm sure if the show returns, there will be no shortage of audience this time around! 

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