Storage Wars Star Gunter Nezhoda Dead At 67

Photo: A&E Networks

Beloved Storage Wars star Gunter Nezhoda has passed away at the age of 67. His son, Rene, revealed in an Instagram post that his father had been suffering from lung cancer for six months. They had thought he would make it through but sadly, Gunter succumbed to the disease in his sleep on Tuesday night.

Gunter often appeared on the A&E series to help Rene buy and sort through storage units. His kind and fun demeanor made him a fan favorite, something that wasn't lost on Rene, who stated, "My dad was one of the guys on Storage Wars that never really got any hate, people just loved him and being around him, including the crew, including everybody. Everybody loved working with my dad, so I appreciate the support."

Rene explained that his dad's diagnosis came in September, and noted his father did smoke for 30 years but hadn't for the last decade. He said that there were holes in Gunter's lungs and he underwent emergency surgery to fix them but there was nothing the doctors could do. Rene added that they kept his dad's illness private thinking he would fully recover. He went on to let fans know, "All the love that you guys have shown him and support he really appreciated that."

Gunter was on seven episodes of Storage Wars from 2015 to 2019, and in that time was able to become a hit on the series.

Gunter was born in Vienna, Austria and lived in Germany before moving to Las Vegas in 1990. He went on to be in movies and also play bass alongside rockers like Kevin DuBrow, Pat Travers, Leslie West and others.

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