DeathbyRomy Unveils Bittersweet Breakup Track 'Kiss Me Goodbye': Listen

DeathbyRomy has returned with a brand new track from her forthcoming project.

On “Kiss Me Goodbye,” the 20-year-old singer-songwriter finds herself on the backend of heartbreak. The record, charged with a bold and emotive energy only dark-pop can muster, lays bare all the bittersweet sentiments of what it means to feel second best to your beloved. Enchanting and unabashedly raw, DeathbyRomy issues a true anthem to see you through any bout of summertime sadness.

“Yeah I know you had history with her/ But you swear it's only me by your side/ So tonight when you leave me to kiss her/ Will you promise you kiss me goodbye?” the Los Angeles native croons over a heavy tempo bass production.

Fans who found themselves spellbound by the musician's previously-released confessionals “Problems” or “Diamond Tears” will find “Kiss Me Goodbye” a sonically sweet hybrid — a song with a jawbreaker-tough exterior which, at the heart of it all, unveils a soft core.

The track is the latest to arrive from DeathbyRomy following the craze of her newest EP, Love u — to Death. “The EP’s definitely a roller coaster of some very intense emotions, but there’s a confidence that’s unmatched compared to anything I’ve done before,” she said of the passion project. “I’ve stepped into what I believe my purpose as an artist is, and I hope that when people listen they feel a similar confidence for themselves.”

Hear DeathbyRomy's new song, "Kiss Me Goodbye," above.