May 30th



If you workout at the gym, go for a run, bike ride, or do any sort of physical activity, The Flip Belt is for you! It’s a band that goes around your waist to store your personal items. It’s made out of Spandex-Lycra material and has four openings to access the pockets. It makes it easy to tuck in your phone, keys, credit cards or whatever else you may need. They come in several colors, and are for both men and women. The Flip Belt doesn’t move or jiggle as you workout, it actually looks like the part of yoga pants that folds over! It’s $28.99


It’s beach time! I take a ton of stuff to the beach…magazines, books, a speaker for my phone, and more so a beach bag is important to me. Hello Beach’s beachcomber bag has been named “The Smartest Beach Bag”. The top is cloth and can be personalized with a name or saying while the bottom is mesh! If you have a wet bathing suit, sandy shoes, or just don’t want sand hanging out in the bottom of your bag this is perfect!!! Hello Beach asks that you please allow two weeks for delivery due to the personalization of the shipping. There’s also an option to order it without any personalization. Shoutsies to Intern Sarah who told me about this - it's her last day! Miss you!