May 29th



Tweezing between eyebrow waxes isn't on the top of my "Things That Are Fun" list.  Perfect Beauty Tweezers make it easier and fun with their trendy designs. The tweezer itself is awesome, just try it, you will totally see a difference. The tips of the tweezers are at a perfect 45 degree angle so it aligns easily with the arch of your brow! Perfect Beauty offers a lifetime guarantee and FREE lifetime sharpening. Right now our listeners get a discount of 40% off with keyword code ELVIS!


How annoying is it when you find an awesome #tbt picture on Monday and then totally forget to post it on Thursday? The worst. The app Latergramme allows you to schedule your Instagram posts! Set the post up exactly how you want it to look, what you want it to say, and the time and day you want to post. At that time and day an alert will pop up, all you'll have to do is click post! No more missing out on #tbt! Download it here!