May 14th



As the weather gets warmer your face gets greasier. The worst feeling is sweaty makeup on your face..ugh! It's important to get a good wash in at least twice a day and to do that I've been using Specific Beauty's Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths. Specific Beauty's cloths are awesome because you don't need water!! You can clean your face on the go this summer. These are GREAT to throw in your purse to have for the morning after when you're late for work and need to take off your makeup from last night. One side of the cloth has textured beads for exfoliation and the other side is smooth for easy make up removal. A pack of 30 is only $9.99 - it's a no-brainer! Specific Beauty carries other wonderful skincare products like liquid cleanses, moisturizers, night treatments, and more!


Scheduling with friends for drinks or meetings with co-workers can be tough when everyone has a different schedule. Worst Assistant Anthony and I have been using the site Doodle to schedule video shoots together. He will send everyone involved a poll through Doodle that asks when we have time for a certain shoot. It's preset with with a bunch of times that work for Anthony. Each person selects the time that works best for them and Anthony gets the results! This is WAY better than an annoying group text or email chain about who can't come with some lame excuse! Just select the time!