June 3rd



Two of our listeners emailed me about 599 Fashion, one of them described it as “Great cheap-ass clothes”. You can’t beat that! Everything, and I mean everything is $5.99 or less. I love it for the accessories, load up on hats, sunglasses, jewelry, phone cases, or headbands. Go for the items you wouldn’t usually get just because they are so cheap! There’s beauty items like nail polish, fake lashes, eyeliner and more. There’s clothing for women, men, and kids! With free returns and exchanges you can’t go wrong.


Sam and I were in hot yoga together and I noticed that after the 95 degree class she still had cold water and mine was hot. She was using a Hydro Flask, this thing is pretty serious. It keeps your liquids cold up to 24 HOURS and it keeps them hot up to 12 HOURS! WHOA BABY! With the weather about to get super hot it’s important to keep yourself hydrated and you’re going to want your liquids cold! My personal fave is the beer growler! HyrdoFlask has tons of designs and sizes to choose from, it’s BPA free, and doesn’t leave a tin-tastse in your mouth like most reusable bottles. HydroFlask has their own charity, 5% Back, and when you purchase from them they donate to an organization you choose!