July 8th



We all know how tough it is to find a good bra, and then you do find a good one and it makes it look like you have bulges all over spilling out of the bra! We can’t win! Web Girl Kathleen told me about Warner’s - No Side Effects Full Coverage Contour Bra! The sides are elastic-free so it’s comfortable while invisible underneath. There’s extra side panels that eliminate any underarm bulge! It’s available in store at Kohl’s an Macy’s, online, and comes in a variety of colors!


Timesify is a toolbar add-on that hides your silly, less-smart side. It takes sites like Buzzfeed, TMZ, and others and makes them resemble The New York Times. As you’re reading the latest story about Bieber people around you will think you’re reading The New York Times! Just install the Timesify Button for your browser so when you’re at work people will think you’re reading important stuff on your desktop but really you’re checking out BuzzFeed’s latest list on what we miss most about college. Not only can you trick those around you but you’ll trick yourself, you’ll totally feel more intelligent! The article above is about an ugly dress Kim Kardashian wore…you would never know!