July 30th


We love our wine so when I saw that we could order it through an app I knew I needed to tell the world. DRYNC is a free app that allows you to scan, track, share, and purchase wine INSTANTLY! Snap a photo of the label ANYWHERE, an ad, a billboard, or on the bottle, click buy, and the wine is on it's way! Read reviews and buy in bulk! Elvis Duran listeners get FREE shipping with keyword code: ELVIS at checkout. You'll love this even if you aren't a wine drinker because you'll definitely find something you love! Our listeners will also get a $20 credit if you download the app through this link! It's available for iPhone, Android, and iPad.

I have absolutely no control, I eat everything in sight! If I had someone around to stop me from raiding my cabinets when I get home from work that would be great. The Kitchen Safe is a glass tupperware that locks your goodies up! You set a timer and The Kitchen Safe will not open until that time runs out. Set it to five days and you won’t be able to open that lid until the timer hits zero! I’ve seen pictures of people locking their video game controllers in there! Throw your phone in there for an hour if you want to keep it out of your hands - get creative! It’s $49 per container.