July 28th


I immediately fell in love with ThursdayFriday tote bags the moment I saw them. It’s not your standard tote bag, they take canvas tote bags to a whole new level. The inside of the bags are lined making them more durable. Each has a picture design printed on them some have a picture of what looks like a designer handbag, I have the feathers! The ThursdayFriday cosmetic bag is great because it comes with a gold chain that turns it into a small cross body bag making it extremely versatile. The Everyday Crossbody is great because it’s not only a purse but can hold your tablet and gadgets! I love all of mine and have been using them daily for a few months now. Our listeners get 25% off with keyword ELVIS even on clearance items!

We’ve been having so much fun playing withe Imjoji app! It let’s your create Imoji’s out of your own photos! If you have a picture of your friend with Bitchy Resting Face crop her face out and make an Imoji! It looks like a little sticker. Search through the Imojis people have made public and snag some of celebrities, animals, and more!