July 21st



Junk mail in our email is easy to git rid of, click "unsubscribe" or mark it as SPAM. But real physical mail is tough! The PaperKarma app makes it easy. Take a picture of the unwanted mail items and PaperKarma will get in touch with the mailer to remove you from the mailing list! Simple and free for Android and iPhone!


If you have a long drive or run ahead of you and want to read that book you've been dying to get to you don't need to injure yourself trying to do both. Amazon's Audible app has TONS of books for you to LISTEN to! Once you buy the book you can listen even when you don't have service so if you're on a subway or airplane it still works! Web Girl Kathleen does this when she is working out. I know someone who listened to the 3-hour The Fault in our Stars book in one car ride. If you don't have the time to sit down and read a book this is great for you!