Last summer I told you about the BreakupText app where it generates a text to send to someone you want to breakup with. I would like to introduce you to the Quit Your Job app.  Choose why you want to quit: sick of the corporate world, you want to get rich, or you’ve found a new job. Then choose the dream you want to follow. This is the text it generated for me: Outside the office window today, there floated a butterfly. It danced in the wind; graceful and elegant. Turning my stare back inside, my desk mate gorged on a rather pungent tuna fish sandwich. A part of me died as I watched him miss his mouth slightly, globs of tuna and mayonnaise falling in chunks on his shirt. So I quit. I quit my job where I’m surrounded by ogres and am going to become rich as an exquisite dancer. I know I don’t have any experience, but if I start now I can be a prima ballerina in what, 10 years? Screw that. I want to make MONEY. I still quit. I’ll just find a joint in Vegas where I’m paid cash – exclusively in ones. NOW that’s a way to quit!!


The Walking Dead returns February 9th to hold you over for the next few weeks there's Walking Dead Monopoly from ThinkGeek. Think of original Monopoly but attacked by zombies. Instead of buying property you need to ensure the property you own is protected and ready to withstand zombies. Even the pieces of the game are Walking Dead themed;  a Katana, Rick’s Hat, a RV, a Lucille (Bat), Telephone, and a Bucket of Body Parts. Hurry up and buy it because it sells out fast!