February 21st

As Jimmy Fallon’s first week of hosting The Tonight Show comes to an end let’s celebrate him by downloading his FREE, Tonight Show app! With the app you can check out the guest schedule and see who is appearing on the show. It’s cool that you can take part in all of Jimmy’s fun hashtags right in the app! It tells you the hashtag and you post your comment and hopefully you’ll be a part of the show! Watch videos of Jimmy doing skits! In Jimmy’s Arcade you can play fun games like Jimmy Ski, Jimmy Quest, Jimmy’s Puppy Pick, and Jimmy Match. Android and iPhone!



Ugh, how crazy does it make you every time you get an email about a sale that’s happening out of nowhere. You’re probably at work, don’t have time to shop, and by the time you do, everything is gone! The women at Rack It Up were annoyed with these emails and that’s why Rack It Up was born! Not only is Rack It Up an online social community with a blog but it allows users to track items with customization and sale alert options. There’s this awesome pink shirt in a size medium that you’ve been eyeing up at your favorite store Rack It Up will notify you when it goes on sale! You even have the option to only notify you if it drops a certain percentage so you won’t be tempted unless it’s super cheap! Happy Racking!