August 13th




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Soo Beyonce has a school supply line. Don't worry, it's not entirely for kids, Beyonce fans of all ages can enjoy. Preorder the $75 back-to-school bundle on her site and you'll get a set of 14 pencils one side has the name of a Beyonce song and the other side says "Beyonce", a Beyonce tshirt that has handwriting of all her song titles scribbled around a picture of her, a poster for your locker, a canvas tote bag, a composition notebook, and a pencil cases that says "Beyonce" on one side and "flawless" on the other.  I could use everything, except the locker poster. And if you're a real serious Beyonce fan there's a limited edition backpack sold by The $125 backpack has a patch that says "BEY GOOD". For each purchase, State will hand deliver one of their backpacks to an American child in need.