August 11th




Mikaylove is a handmade jewelry company created and run by our listener, Christianne. Each and every item is unique with great quality. She created the Mikaylove when her daughter was born because she couldn't work, at the time she had three items in the store. Now she's fulfilling custom orders for things like wedding parties, sororities, and more! One of my favorites is her wrap bracelet that's braided with a rose gold chain intertwined throughout. Every month a portion of the proceeds are donated to help feed hungry children. Finding a quality product you love with a great person behind the entire thing is awesome and that's what you get with Mikaylove. Our listeners get 15% off with keyword "ELVIS" at checkout!




I've been spending my weekends playing the best outdoor games, Spikeball and Kanjam. Spikeball is played two on two surrounding a net that rests on the ground, looks similar to a trampoline and it has a bounce to it. The rules are similar to volleyball except you bounce the ball off the Spikeball net to pass to the other team. Kanjam is two plaster cans with openings in the front and top, you throw a frisbee to one can and your teammate has to try and knock it in if you already didn't get it in. They are great as drinking games or for playing with kids. Both games are so much fun and can get so intense they even have leagues where people win trophies! Order them online or find them at your local sporting store. Get them before labor day weekend, they are great for a BBQ!