April 30th



Intern Jason was using his MacBook and I looked it at and said "WHOA!". He had stickers all over his keyboard! He got them from Killer Duck Decals and each key is a different super hero, villain, or symbol! It's colorful, fun, and adds some spice to the device you stare at everyday and do it for only $12. While at Killer Duck Decals check out all of their phone skins, cases, and more. They have a fun collection of decals for all of your devices and everything is more than affordable!


The word literally gets tossed around literally all the time...(see what I did there?). I know that I'm guilty of it! I have done my best to stop but the easiest way to stop blurting it out is to completely remove it from your life.  The Google Chrome plugin, Literally, replaces with word 'literally' with 'figuratively'. As they say in their description of the plugin, literally all it does! The only problem is that it replaces even the proper use of the word literally.