I’ve been all about friendship bracelets since I was a kid but Little Words Project puts a twist on them. Their goal is to inspire and connect women everywhere. Wear your bracelet for as long as the Little Word on it inspires you, then pass it along to someone who needs it more than you. As you wear your bracelet it's a constant reminder to “love,” give,” “inspire,” “live” or whatever word you wear. Removing it from your wrist and passing it on to a friend, family member, or complete stranger is inspiring. I love that you can track the bracelet's movement and where it’s been, each one is numbered! Every bracelet is hand strung by the creator and a small team of people, choose from one of their stock bracelets or design your own. Each month a new charity is featured along with a bracelet. Twenty percent of the bracelet’s proceeds are donated to the charity as well as a smaller portion of all bracelet sales throughout the month.The Little Words Project is offering our listeners 20% off when they use keyword code: ELVIS.


Plasticland came as a recommendation from our listener, Natalie, who thought it would be great for Bethany. Their style in clothes, accessories, and lifestyle items is retro. Dresses with skulls, bad add leather jackets, flats with ravens on the tips, jewelry and so much more. The prices are comparable to your average store. They’ve been around since 2002 and have grown ever since, the name “Plasticland” was their way of poking fun at the fashion world. As they say on their site “from Fake Breasts, to Barbie Dolls, to Paris Hilton, and so on…” ha! I still love their items even if they don’t love my fake boobs!