August 21st



How many times have you ran into someone and completely forgot what their name was and where you know them from? Don’t let it happen anymore. Download the Humin app. When you enter a new contact it tags your location so you’ll always be able to see where you met. When you put in all of their info you can search “lives in…” or “met last week…” and Humin will pull up every contact that relates to what you’ve entered. It definitely saves you from those awkward moments.


Elvis said the other day that he wanted to get a piggy bank and I think this is great! It's the Porkfolio! It's a piggy bank that connects to an app on your phone so you can check your balance, set goals, and even get an alert if someone moves your Porkfolio! When you put coins in the nose lights up! I collect money in a jar but this would make it way more fun! It's on sale at right now!