April 1st


Everyone’s got a BucketList, I usually keep my saved in my phone, but there’s an official place to save it. Head to BucketList.org. Choose your interests, the next page will be a list of goals already created, you select the ones you want to add to your Bucketlist. Once you’ve selected everything you want you’ll be able to view all of them, set due dates of when you want to complete them, and check them off of your list. There’s an option to add your own goals if you have one that wasn’t on their list.  You can also add stories about when you completed the goal so you will have a dirty of your journeys! There’s an option to see other people who have completed the goals on your list! It’s a really cool site that gives you drive and organization to create everything on your BucketList.


Clarins is a really great skincare company. They’ve got everything from cleansers and moisturizers to make-up and sunblock. I recommended their exfoliating cleanser to Best Assistant Elizabeth because her skin was dry. But this one is really for the dudes. Most guys don’t think to take care of their skin, but Clarins has some really great products. My boyfriend is picky when it comes to using face wash and lotions. I gave him some ClarinsMen Face wash and he said it was “the best thing I have ever put on my face”. He loves it. They have shave gel, moisturizer, and exfoliator for guys. Check out their entire collection for men. Ladies love smooth skin, take care of yours!