NON-SHAVED LEGS: ‘Tis the season for the pool and the beach! Are you THAT woman who doesn’t shave her legs before stepping into shorts and bathing suits? If so, why don’t you shave your legs??

OFFICE PROBLEMS: Here in the office we have many problems – a smelly refrigerator, blizzard-like air conditioning, faulty cell phone operator systems that work half the time, no paper in the printer, and late newspapers! What are YOUR office problems?

MET A GUY!: Imagine you just met this AWESOME guy, and you are SO excited. Perhaps he has a beer belly, mono brow, big feet and monster burps. To top it off, your friends HATE him. You think, so what?! He’s YOURS. That’s your MAN! So tell us, how’s that going for you?

HATE DISNEY MOVIES: It’s safe to say, everyone LOVES Disney. Frozen was one of the biggest movies of all time! Is there anyone who hates Disney? If you are a Disney movie hater, Greg T wants to know WHY?? How could you hate Disney?!

WHAT’S ON YOUR FACE: Is there something on your face that you would just LOVE to have removed? Greg T once knew a girl with a ¼ inch mole on her chin. It was enormous! People used to call it “spot.” BUT, Greg just saw her recently and realized she has since had the mole removed! Greg T wants to know, what would you like to have removed on your face?

LEFT MESSAGE BY MISTAKE: Have you ever left a recorded message that you wish you could take back? What did you say that someone was able to play back over and over and over…?