Welcome to another Coupon Corner! No doubt you already have credit cards that give you points, miles, rewards, etc…but did you know you can save even more with most credit cards?  All it takes is a few clicks after you sign into your account online. 

For example, have an American Express Card?  Log in and click on “Amex Offers For You”.  There are dozens of offers that will give you statement credits.  I just got $20 back when I bought some medication for my dog. 

Discover Card has a “Shop Discover” section that just for doing some shopping at major online retailers, you’ll score up to a 25% CashBack Bonus just for shopping through their link! 

Visa and MasterCard have similar offers, but vary depending on which bank you have your card through.  My Bank Of America MasterCard has lots of “BankAmeriDeals” that give me statement credits for shopping at stores and eating at restaurants I normally do anyway…all you have to do is sign up.

Be sure to check back often, as new deals are always added.   Also, don’t assume all credit card company mailers you get at your house are junk.  For example, CitiBank frequently sends offers to temporarily up my normal 1% in rewards to 5%...all you have to do is make a quick phone call or sign up online.  So, with all the bank fees nowadays,  find a card that pays you!  And unless you are a hardcore traveler, don’t ever pay annual credit card dues.  Most rewards cards have no fee…be sure to always read the fine print.  For more savings tips click “more stories” at the bottom of this page and follow me on Twitter at @ZscottyB