About a year ago I was having a total melt down. I was turning 25 and had no idea where I was supposed to be in my life. So I wrote down all of my questions about being a 25 year old and I presented them to Elvis. He read them on the air and I got some of the best advice from everyone on the show but was flooded with emails from our listeners who were going through the same thing or wanted to offer advice. You can read my entire blog post about turning 25 here. It was really cool to re-read it and see where my head was at a year ago compared to now. I decided, why not revisit the questions I proposed a year ago and see how I handled them throughout the year?  Here it goes....

When should I start saving money?  Okay, I started! It’s been a slow start but I'm getting there. I also bought my first car so I think I get a pat on the back for that one. Her name is Stevie... The Mitsubishi!

What about drinking a bunch of days in a row, can I still do that? It's definitely still socially acceptable at 25 and here's my reasoning... You're working harder than when you were in college, you're kicking ass at work, you deserve it! However, there's no way you're going to bounce back after it the same way you did when you were raging in college so be prepared.

Backpacks...are they an adult thing?  I still rock a backpack like no other.  Last year everyone on the show told me I should buy a nice purse for myself...I didn't, I bought totes and more backpacks, but I really so need a nice purse. I like Michael Kors, just in case anyone wanted to buy me one for my birthday. But that's my plan for this year. Get me some good arm candy!
I still dot my i’s with hearts. Is that normal? AND I still do it! So take that handwriting police! I think I put more hearts than ever, what's wrong with a little extra love? 
My relationship with wine is not an “adult” relationship. I drink it fast. I finish bottles by myself. I don’t know the difference between a Pinot Grigio and a Moscato. I’m only drinking it to get drunk. Do I really need to know wine etiquette to be considered a functioning adult in society?  I longed for an adult relationship with wine so I took a wine class and learned that I do like red wine and not just white! It felt cool to have an overall understanding of wine.  However, I haven't stopped the chugging. I over did it last Thursday and vomited all day on Friday. Go me!

I’ve struggled with this for a while, but I think it’s time to come face to face with them: my boobs. Are they done growing? As much as I hope and wish I’ll finally have that growth spurt everyone talked about I’m pretty sure I’ve missed it by 10 years. I look like a 12 year old, not a 25 year old!  Are boob jobs acceptable? This was my favorite to re-read!! Well my answer boob jobs being acceptable is obviously yes! ha! It's so funny to me that I brought this up! Getting a boob job was hands down the absolutely best thing I have ever done for myself. I couldn't think of a better age to do it either! I'm so happy with my decision and my result, bring on the bikinis!

Uggs. Can I still wear them? Sometimes I feel like they scream “high school” but they are so comfortable and look so cute!  Mine are old and the sole just separated from the rest of the boot, so now I have to make a decision; repair them, get a new pair, or keep wearing the ripped ones. Throwing Uggs out of my life right now is just not an option. Elvis told me I needed to toss them and get a new pair...so I did! love them! They are Chestnut and go great with my style! I still have my crappy ones and use them for lounging around, I can't wear them outside because they have holes in them!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday....Am I supposed to wake up early and read the newspaper? Maybe cut out some coupons? Do Sundays have to turn boring when I turn 25? Well I definitely didn't start reading the paper and I don't cut coupons. But! I began waking up earlier on Sundays so I don’t feel like I wasted the day. I feel much better on Monday because I’ve gotten things together for the week with the extra time I have on Sunday! Mm, that still sounds a little too grown up for me. And obviously, it gives you more time to celebrate SUNDAY FUNDAY!
I walk funny in heels but yet I keep wearing them...and keep wobbling in them.  I thought that by now walking in them would have come natural...being 25 and all...but it hasn’t! Can I take a lesson? While I didn't take a lesson on how to walk in heels I started buying the right pairs for me! Wedges, thicker heals, ones that weren't six inches tall, and super comfy ones! That doesn't mean that I still won't take a digger while wearing them, but I am way more confident when strutting my stuff in them!

Chicken fingers will always be my favorite food but when I order them I get a weird look from the server! Can a 25 year old not order chicken fingers?! A girl deserves her chicken fingers. Oh, I will never stop eating chicken fingers, and no I don't order them at nice places, only  diners. They are absolute BEST at diners.

I’ve been on a mobile family plan with my parents and sister since I was 15...does that ever have to come to an end? Does being a part of a family plan make me less independent? I don’t think so.  What about my car being in my dad’s name? I don’t see anything wrong with it! But people definitely judge... I looked into being on my own mobile plan and car insurance and HOLY CRAP it's so much more money!!!!!! HELL NO! I'm still on the family plan but I pay for my own phone and car so everyone is happy! My advice is to never leave your family plan, never ever.

Should I be dining at fancy restaurants?  I thought that when I turned 25 I needed to dine at fancy restaurants…umm no. Restaurants are fun, but not fancy ones. If I can’t get drunk and be loud then it’s a no-go for me!  That doesn't mean I'm not acting "my age" it just means that I want to have fun and be me with my friends!

Naps - couldn’t live without them. I feel like adults judge me when I say “I took a nap” because heaven forbid anyone over the age of 7 gets a little extra sleep! The key to surviving life is taking naps. I don't care what anyone thinks. If I don't get enough sleep I will be miserable. I think I’ve mastered napping. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are the best nap days! I’m telling you, try it!

I’m all about knowing what’s going on in the world but do I really have to watch the news? Can’t I just watch TMZ? Did I start watching the news at 25? I did, I feel like I am betraying my fun self by saying that but instead of sacrificing my favorite TV shows I keep the news on when I’m cooking or doing work…I really have learned a lot about what’s going on in the world!

Is this the year that I will finally understand politics? There are so many words and rules I just don’t understand. I’m hoping that the 25th year of life is when it just clicks. Umm, no. That didn't happen. I've come to realize that it will never happen. And I'm okay with that, I don't think that I even want it to happen. I'm cool with being on the outside. Maybe I will watch House of Cards.

As you can see, I really didn't grow up too much BUT...I have a totally different outlook on getting older this time around! I was so upset last year. Turning 25 was unbelievably scary but I rocked it. I really did. I am proud of myself. I had a great year and just did me, the same way I always have. I am excited about turning 26 (although I still wish the number wasn't 26) I am just excited about a new year! I am in such a better mindset about this year than I was last year so I know it's going to be even better! I will never "grow up" and that's not a bad thing, it doesn't mean I'm not responsible, it's just my personality! Bring it on, 26!
- Carla Marie